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How To Ship Military Vehicles Safely?

One of the most challenging things about relocating can be determining how to get your vehicle to your new location. This problem indeed holds importance, no matter what type of vehicle you need to transport as individuals often need to transport their cars, vans, work trucks, or other vehicles to a new location.

This can be a challenging endeavor for those relocating a group of military trucks to a new work location, classic cars worth a lot of money and need to get to a location of the venue in top shape, or a couple moving from coast to coast for a new job. Those in the military are often deployed to different areas and often need to arrange to get their vehicle to their new military post.

We rarely think about the complexity of moving military, swat, police, and other types of oversized vehicles that may be used to protect civilians here and abroad. These types of vehicles are extremely expensive. Many have the top technologies and are armored to protect those inside the vehicles. Often, they are moving cross-country to help areas that have been hit by natural disasters like floods, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other issues.

Other times, it may be moving vehicles to protect citizens due to civil unrest, loitering, protests, or other man-made calamities.

One of the most stressful situations is for deployed individuals and now having to relocate. This is stressful for the entire family and imposes many decisions to be made in a short period. That is why dealing with experts will help relieve some unanswered questions about getting your personal vehicle to your new location. If military vehicle transportation experts can move big machinery, they can certainly help move a vehicle.

No matter what the scenario, it is important to find the right vendor to help move vehicles from point A to point B. Finding military car shipping, mainly enclosed, can be difficult, so individuals, government entities, police departments, and other national groups must find the right resource to get the vehicles where they need to be on time and in the condition they are left in.

What You Need to Know About Military Car Shipping and Enclosed Car Shipping:

Those in the military are often transferred via interstate transfers, or outside the U.S. Those who have never dealt with this type of relationship may have no idea where to start. Those that work in the armed forces often don’t know where deployments will take them. It can be a huge stress for an individual and even more stressful moving a family to a new area in the U.S. and can be even more stressful when the move is outside the U.S.

They need to know that one of your most prized and needed possessions will arrive at its destination and will be in good hands. You need to find a reliable auto transport company. The military transportation office often has a list of reliable vendors that they can call on to help military personnel get their vehicles to their destination. It is also good to deal with a provider that understands the needs of military personnel. Companies like National Dispatch will help plan your trip and take the worry out of moving your car to the new location.


What is the Total Expense of Military Car Shipping or Enclosed Car Shipping?

There are a lot of variables when determining the cost of military car shipping. First, is the distance between the pick-up area and the destination point. The further the distance, the more expensive it will be. Also, it depends on the type of vehicle being transported and the minimum or maximum protection required to get the vehicle to its destination safely.

Many need to choose between an open-air or enclosed truck. As you can imagine, an enclosed truck will cost more than one, leaving the vehicle open to the elements.

Also, another factor to consider is whether you will be shipping the car with additional baggage. For most domestic military car shipping, you can include a box of luggage with the vehicle as long as it is below 100 pounds. Remember that items being shipped will not be insured, so any valuable property should not be shipped with the vehicle.

Once you know when your vehicle needs to be shipped and the type of transport needed, you will be able to get a quote.


Is an Enclosed Car Shipping My Vehicle Transport the Way to Go?

One of the largest decisions you will make is whether the vehicle will be enclosed or open air?

A means of open-air transport is the most cost-effective and command way to move your vehicle. The process is much faster than choosing an enclosed vehicle, so if your move is coming soon, and you want to have your vehicle available upon arrival, it may be the best option to choose open air.

Keep in mind, an open-air car mover will leave your vehicle open to rough weather and exposure to the elements. It may also arrive with a few dings and scratches, which are inevitable.

Enclosed auto transports keep your car completely covered. This is a more expensive option, but one that will keep your care safer on the road to its destination. This is especially true for those with costly vehicles that would depreciate if damaged. Inside storage also keeps it free from vandalism on the road as well.


A Military Expert That Helps Plan The Shipping Process:

At National Dispatch, we have experts that deal with regular military auto shipping. A car transport service company like us understands the unique needs of those in the military and goes out of our way to give you the most options at the best prices.

Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • We will help you plan the trip, taking the worry out of your hands. We will plan the best route and deliver your car when needed in the best possible condition.
  • Time savings. Having your auto transported saves a lot of time than driving your vehicle to your new location. Often, you’ve never been there before and don’t know the easiest route; an expert military vehicle service provider like us lets you get to your location while they take the most efficient route to deliver the vehicle to you. This allows you to spend time packing and taking care of other concerns.
  • You will save on costs. When you drive your vehicle, you will have to stop for gas, get hotel rooms, and other costs that you will not incur when you have a professional move your vehicle. You also won’t need to worry about hazards on the roadways.
  • It is safer for your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about driving on slick roads, getting a flat tire, etc.


Moving Multiple Cars:

Many families have more than one vehicle to ship during relocating, and National Dispatch can help with the same. Moving multiple cars is easy since more than one vehicle is going to the final destination.

In a matter of just four min. or six min. you will be arranging to have one or more of your vehicles shipped in either enclosed car shipping or outside shipping. Military car shipping experts make the transportation process seamless, quick, easy, and affordable.


Coordinate Your Move Today:

As Military car shipping experts, our team understands the stress of moving civilians and understands that moving military personnel can be even more stressful for a family or individual.

That is why we cater to the military and have our experts to help with your every need. Whether you’re crossing state boundaries or going to the other side of the country, we can help move your car anywhere at any time.

We offer unparalleled customer service, so you don’t have to worry about moving your military vehicle. 

With our services, you can sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. Rest assured, your vehicle will be at the proper location when you get there. In good condition and ready for you to start your new life in a new town.

5 Tips for Preparing a Classic Car for Transport

Investing in a classic car is a must for car enthusiasts, whether you love an old-fashioned T-bird or if you go even further back with your collection. When you are seeking a classic car transport service or a service that provides enclosed car transport solutions, there are a few tips to help you prepare your classic car ahead of time.


1. Remove All Personal Items Before Using a Classic Car Transport Service

Whether you intend to transport your classic car to another city or move across the country, it is essential to remove belongings and personal items before beginning the transportation process. Because you will not be with your classic car throughout the entire process of its transport, it is best to remove belongings and personal items that cannot be replaced or refunded if they are lost or stolen.

Although most classic car transport services provide insurance and protection from theft and loss, it may still not be worth the risk to lose the belongings you currently have stored or placed in your car.


  • Thoroughly Clean Your Car

After you have removed your belongings from your classic car, it is highly advisable to clean your car thoroughly, both inside and out. Thoroughly cleaning your car will ensure it is in tip-top shape for transport while also providing you with another opportunity to find and preserve personal belongings that you might have left in your car.


  • Take Photos of Your Car

Anytime you need a classic car transport service, it is highly advisable to take photos of the condition of your car before turning it over to your preferred provider.

2. Turn on Your Car

If your classic car has been sitting for weeks or even months in the same location, it is best to turn on and run your vehicle before transporting it, especially if you intend to drive it to its final destination.

Classic cars work best if they are run from time to time. Allowing such a car to sit without running it or turning on its battery can lead to bigger issues that require an on-site mechanic after your car’s transportation is complete. Keeping the battery adequately charged even when it is not in use is an essential aspect of owning an older car or a classic vehicle of any kind.


  • Remove Your Toll Charging Device

You can also opt to unplug or remove your toll charging device from your classic car before starting the transportation process. Before transporting them, it is best to remove any add-on tools or devices from a classic car. In addition to traditional toll-charging devices, it is also recommended to remove additional items such as alarm systems, stickers, parking passes, and removable or collectible emblems.

If you are searching for a way to protect and preserve your vehicle’s battery, consider getting a battery disconnect switch.

A battery disconnect switch provides you with a small plug or, in some cases, a removable pin that works to prevent battery drains from happening, even in vehicles that are sitting without being driven for extended periods.

Using a battery disconnect switch is a way for you to ensure the quality and life of your classic car’s battery, even if it has been a few months or over a year since you have used the vehicle or battery itself.

Using a small plug or removable pin, the battery disconnect switch can be used to plug into the positive-side terminal of the battery connection, keeping it from draining or causing electrical issues.


3. Take Care of Details Ahead of Time

Depending on the amount of time your classic car will be in transportation, it may be a good idea to address the fuel situation with your vehicle. When transporting a classic car between locations, using a fuel stabilizing product is highly advisable.

A fuel stabilizing product between your fill-ups can help to preserve and protect your vehicle. Additionally, some locations for fuel may add ethanol to the fuel itself, which may deteriorate and break down if your vehicle has not been driven or started for an extended period.

It is important to note that traditional, pure gasoline can typically retain its original properties for at least one year. However, if there is ethanol in the fuel you have used to fill up your classic car, it may be best to use fuel stabilizing products each time you visit a gas station before transporting the car itself.

When you plan to ship your vehicle across the country or over a few days or weeks, it is best to fill your car with 1/4 of a gas tank to avoid adding to the hazard of transporting a vehicle.


  • Tire Gauge

If you occasionally drive your classic car, it is advisable to stock the vehicle with a tire gauge and, in some cases, a pancake air compressor. You can store these useful tools in your garage whenever your vehicle is not in use.

Ensuring your tires are properly filled and have not lost significant pressure. At the same time, your classic car is stored as an imperative, especially if you are planning to transport the vehicle to a new destination or location.

Always check the pressure of your classic car’s tires using a tire gauge to determine whether or not your vehicle requires more air before transporting it or even taking it out on the road.


  • Make Another Set of Keys

Rather than giving away your only set of keys to your preferred vehicle transporter, have another set of keys made ahead of time. Having a copy of your keys is a way to maintain peace of mind while you await the completion of your transport.


  • Request a Maintenance Check

Before sending your vehicle off to be transported, it is best to have a thorough maintenance check conducted by your preferred mechanic. Whenever you have a maintenance check completed, be sure to take photos and gather and store any necessary paperwork you receive from your work.

Ensuring your vehicle remains in the same condition from the beginning of the transportation process until the end is essential. It is much easier with photographs of your vehicle and a verifiable paper trail.


  • Verify Insurance and Coverage

Even if you have traditional insurance on your vehicle, there is no guarantee that it will cover damage or a total loss of a collectible. Many classic cars in the USA that are valued at $100,000 or more may already have the maximum insurance coverage available, which is why it is best to work with a transporter service that specializes in transporting classic cars and collectibles.

A transporter service specializing in custom and classic vehicles will provide more insurance than traditional carriers and transportation services. When you choose to go with a classic car transporter, it is much easier to keep your mind at ease, as insurance policies can typically range from $500,000 to more than USD 5 million.

Before you settle on a classic car transport service or an enclosed car transport provider, inquire about the type of insurance they offer as well as their current insurance coverage limit.

If your vehicle’s value is worth more than the amount of coverage you are offered from your preferred classic car transport service, you can also attempt to negotiate. Inquire about the possibility of the transporter taking out an additional insurance policy to receive your busin


4. Load Your Vehicle With Maximum Allowed Luggage Weight (If Necessary)

Suppose you plan to transport your classic car to another state or even across water or the entire country. In that case, it is often recommended to load your vehicle with the maximum allowed luggage weight possible.

Adding luggage and weight to your vehicle before transport will help to stabilize it throughout the transportation process. Although you will be working with professionals, a heavier car is less likely to skid and move around easily, especially when transporting older classic cars.

Even if you are using an enclosed car transport service, loading your vehicle with the maximum allowed luggage weight will help to ensure your vehicle remains in place.


5. Position Your Vehicle Properly

Once you select a classic car transport service, you can then establish the details of the pickup and transport date.

Most carrier trucks will request that you position your vehicle in a convenient location for pickup and transport. Working out these details with your preferred carrier before your scheduled pickup date is ideal.

Inform your carrier of any information or details they may require to reach and pick up your vehicle with ease successfully. If possible, make sure that you are on-site and available during the pickup to ensure that the process goes over as smoothly as possible with your presence.

If you live in a gated community or your car transport provider will need permission to enter your neighborhood or property, inform them ahead of time to prevent hangups and schedule interference.

Transporting a classic car using a traditional classic car transport service or an enclosed car transport service is a way to move any car from one location to another without the hassle.

With the right car transport provider like National Dispatch, maintain your peace of mind knowing your classic collectible is in the right hands at all times, even when headed across the country.

How Car Shipping Works

Retro car at beach

Are you looking to ship a car, but you do not have the slightest clue where to begin or how the process works? Unless you are in the car industry, you may not be familiar with how auto transport companies operate.

The process is actually very simple, but it is important to do your homework to become educated prior to shipping a vehicle. This ensures that you hire the right company for the job and have the best shipping experience, possible. Do not worry. We have assembled this guide to walk you through the process.

What is Auto Transport?

Thinking about auto transport

Auto transport is a service people utilize when they need to ship their cars statewide, nationwide, or worldwide. Whether the company is an auto transporter or an auto transport broker, the company is in charge of getting a reputable carrier to safely ship your vehicle.

The primary difference is whether the company will be doing the moving, themselves. Meaning, does the company own their own trucks? Either way, using auto transport services will spare you the frustration of having to transport a vehicle, yourself.

Why Do People Use Auto Transport Services?

There is a variety of individuals that might be in need of auto transport services. For instance, college students moving to and from school, people moving to a new home, military personnel, car collectors, car buyers, car dealerships, and large corporations are all good examples.

At National Dispatch, we cater our services to meet our customer’s specific needs, keeping in mind that we are shipping more than just cars. Each customer has unique needs, but they all look to the auto transport industry for convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

fast car on the highway

What Are Your Options?

There are thousands of auto transport companies out there to choose from. Not only is it important for you to choose the right one, but it is also necessary to select a company that offers the services you need. Here is an overview of the common auto transport services offered in the industry.

Open Auto Transport

When you think of auto transport carriers, an open carrier is likely what your mind flashes to. These trailers, with one or two levels, are capable of hauling up to nine vehicles. This is the cheapest and most common method for shipping a vehicle. For this reason, these trailers are more readily available. It is important to note that the car will be exposed to potential hazards, such as dirt, dust, rocks, debris, and weather. However, damages due to these elements is uncommon.

Enclosed Auto Transport

An enclosed carrier provides more protection to the vehicles that it carries, shielding them from weather and road elements. Therefore, enclosed auto transport is often recommended for classic, vintage, and luxury vehicles. However, it is more expensive than open auto transport. For this reason, it is important to take into consideration your personal preference and vehicle type, along with the typical storage and driving conditions of the car.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Door to door auto shipping offers the customer the most convenient pickup and delivery option. It is often considered the primary method of shipping in the auto transport industry over terminal to terminal. This service is the quickest and easiest for both you and the driver, because the carrier will drop your vehicle off as close to the delivery location as possible. Some delivery locations are difficult places for drivers to maneuver the large transport trucks, so a nearby meeting place may be necessary.

Guaranteed Shipping

If you need your car shipped fast (really fast), then an expedited service is what you need. This service is best suited for individuals who are in urgent need of a quick delivery. If your schedule is open to other shipping options, guaranteed shipping may not be the best choice for you due to the expense. National Dispatch offers three shipping options ranging in price. We are happy to assist you in choosing an option that best fits your timeline and budget.

Learn more about auto transport services.

Office desk table with laptop and phone

What Do You Have To Do?

Shipping a car across the country is usually the best option when it comes to a job relocation or an out-of-state purchase. Using these auto transport services can save you time, energy, and even money. However, the process can be confusing, especially for first-timers.

The idea of giving your vehicle to a stranger can leave you anxious and a bit overwhelmed. Maybe, if you learned more about what goes into the process and what steps need to be taken, you will feel more at ease.

1. Research The Company.

We understand that over time you have likely developed a personal relationship with your car. Therefore, it is easy to see why you do not want to hand it over to just anyone for fear that the company will not treat your car as they should.

Do your research to dig deeper into the company that you might potentially be doing business with. Ensure that they have the proper licenses to operate. In addition, research their insurance record and complaints, if any. As you are going through this process, it might be helpful to read online reviews from past customers. This will allow you the opportunity to see what it will be like to work with this transporter. Overall, go with your gut, and use your best judgement.

What a relief. I was sure I would be stranded in the PNW without my car for weeks or be ripped off but this was a fantastic experience from start to finish.”
– Jennifer (National Dispatch Customer)

2. Get A Price Quote.

Best Price Concept

After you have sorted and selected the top companies, it is time to ask for car transport rates. Ultimately, you want to find a company that is competitively priced. You do not want to overpay, but paying a low cost can be risky, as well. What kind of service can you expect from a company that offers cheap pricing?

Most companies have a quote form set up on their website. This allows you to enter in some general information and receive a quote quickly. The specifics of the car shipping calculator will vary by company. For instance, National Dispatch offers a quote form that requires no personal information. Simply, enter in the vehicle make, vehicle model, pickup location, and delivery location to receive a quote instantly.

Upon entering in this information, you will be redirected to the pricing page. The format allows the customer to easily see how different options, such as carrier type and vehicle condition, affect the rate. Then, you can book online or by phone.

Understanding The Variables Of A Quote

So, you entered in your vehicle information, along with the locations for pickup and delivery. Now, you are staring at a price on a screen, but how was it calculated? If you are going to pay hundreds of dollars to ship your car, you should understand what goes into the price. Here are some factors that influence the price you pay.

  • Vehicle type: Since size and weight are important variables, it is easy to see why the type of vehicle would affect the overall price. Large trucks and SUVs will cost more to transport than compact cars because of this.
  • Distance: Obviously, distance is a major factor that affects car shipping quotes. Not only is it important to keep in mind how far the driver must travel between locations, but consider where the driver is traveling to. Is it a location that is close to major highways or is it out in the middle of nowhere?
  • Season: The time of year plays a factor in supply and demand. In other words, more people tend to travel and move during the warmer parts of the year. Therefore, you may see less expensive rates during the winter. However, this varies by company.
  • Type of transport: We have already discussed the types of trailers (open and enclosed). Your rate will vary according to which one you choose, as enclosed auto transport is more expensive.
  • Condition of car: Does the car run? If not, it can still be transported. However, it will cost more due to the amount of work and equipment that is needed for loading and unloading.
  • Time frame: Do you need your car as soon as possible? If so, then you will end up paying more for a guaranteed shipping option.

3. Check Insurance Coverage.

It is always good to check with the auto transport company about their liability insurance coverage. How much is covered under their policy? You may also want to check with your own auto insurance company to see what is covered in the event of an accident. Although damage during shipping is unlikely, you want to be prepared.

4. Prepare The Car.

Once you have decided on a reputable and experienced auto transporter, it is time to prepare your car for its journey. Soon, the driver will arrive to load the vehicle onto the transport trailer. However, there are a few things you want to do to ensure shipping goes on without a hitch.

Wash the exterior.

Scrub the outside of your car to remove all built-up dust, dirt, and grime from the surface. This is especially important for the next step in the process. If you have the time and energy, you can clean the interior of the vehicle, as well.

Perform an inspection.

Once your car is all clean and shiny, you can now complete a visual inspection. Walk around the exterior of your vehicle to check for any existing damage, such as paint chips, scratches, and dents. Take photos of any damages that you find. This will be important if something were to happen when your car is the responsibility of the auto shipper.

Check for leaks.

You will want to make sure that your vehicle is up to date on any maintenance. Perform a closer inspection to check for leaks. You would not want your car to leak on any other cars, and vice versa. It is also important to check the tire pressure and battery, as the vehicle will be driven on and off the carrier. In addition, it means less you will have to do when your car arrives at its destination.

Avoid added weight.

Additional weight refers to two main categories: fuel and personal belongings. You will want to ensure that the car is left with about one-quarter tank of gas. There is no need for a lot of fuel, as your car will only be moved on and off the trailer for loading and unloading. Most auto transport companies will not transport your personal effects due to insurance and safety reasons. Therefore, these items will need to be removed prior to auto shipping.

Learn more about How To Prepare A Car For Transport.

5. Celebrate A Safe Delivery.

Your vehicle arrives safely at your home or business location. All the worrying was for nothing, but there are often more tasks to be completed. If you have just moved your car to a new state, you must register your vehicle with the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Do not put this off, because states differ in the number of days that they will give you before penalty or fees.

National Dispatch

Whether you need your car shipped statewide or nationwide, National Dispatch has the experience necessary to ship your car in a safe and timely manner. Our expert staff, competitive rates, and company-owned fleet bring to light our goal at providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience that will not break the bank.

We understand that consumers, like you, do not want to have to jump through hoops or get bombarded with emails and phone calls when searching for a great company. This is why we offer FREE car transport rates to anyone that visits our website. No personal information is required to receive a car shipping quote in seconds.

If you are still unsure that we are the right company for you, just read some of our customer reviews, take a look around our website, and get a feel of who we are. You can also contact an auto transport agent by calling 800-321-2051.

Shipping A Car For A Corporate Relocation

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If you have ever undergone a move before, you understand how challenging it can be. Corporate relocations, like all moves, require organization and planning. Every detail needs to be addressed for the move to be a success and go as planned. Not only must household goods find their way to your new home, but your car must, as well. Shipping your car does not have to add stress to the moving process.

With the help of a professional car shipping company, a corporate relocation is a breeze. Auto transport services offer a worry-free solution to safely and easily get your vehicle to its destination.

National Dispatch, a leading provider in the car moving industry, has created for you an outline to help aid you in your move. Whether you are moving to a new city in search of a job or already have a position lined up, this guide will help you.

Here is how you can expect your corporate move to go.

  1. Identify your destination.
  2. Create a budget.
  3. Outline your car shipping needs.
  4. Do your research.
  5. Request a car shipping quote.

1. Identify Your Destination.

Pittsburgh Skyline

Maybe, you have already been offered the perfect position. Therefore, your destination has been decided for you. On the other hand, if you are in search of a job, then your options are endless.

When it comes to your job search, finding an employment opportunity is only half the battle. You also must couple this with a location that offers a reasonable cost of living with enjoyable amenities.

You might be surprised what metropolitan areas actually offer job searchers with the best chance to find a job. While many large cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, often come to mind. Are they really the best places to look for work and settle down?

According to Glassdoor, many mid-sized cities are high on the list for the best cities to find a job. This is likely due to the booming job market, affordable housing, and overall job satisfaction.

Here are some cities that made the list.

How To Choose A Place To Live

The increase in job opportunities in these cities and many others have encouraged families and recent graduates to move to the region. When these cities boast an affordable housing market and a below average commute time, then you can expect a higher quality of life. What should you be looking for in your future city?

  • Affordability. No matter how much your paycheck is, it is important to live comfortably. This means finding a city that is within your price range.
  • Crime rate. You want to feel safe wherever you choose to settle down. Crime happens everywhere, but you can look at a few statistics to study up on particular areas.
  • Commute. This is more than just your commute to and from work. How far will you be from your family and friends?
  • Climate. Not everyone is suited for the cold, and not everyone can handle the heat of the summer. For this reason, it is important to find a city that suits your needs.
  • Culture. The United States is large. Therefore, you will find many different cultures nestled within various regions of the country. Find one that fits well with your lifestyle.

2. Create a budget.

Man Working on Budget

Even if you are not a person who usually plans things out, it is important to create a budget for your moving expenses. Moving will be less stressful if you have an idea of how much it might cost you, ahead of time, instead of going in blindly.

Keeping track of expenses will help you realize what items are essential to buy now and what you can hold off on until a later date. Noting these expenses is also necessary if your corporation will be paying for or reimbursing you for your moving costs.

What To Consider

Creating a moving day budget may seem like a lot of work. It may be a time-consuming project, but it is well-worth the invested time and energy. Here are a few areas that are necessary to include with your moving budget.

  • Travel Expenses: This will vary depending on whether you are moving yourself or having a professional auto shipper do the work for you. When moving yourself, you must consider the cost to rent a truck or trailer, insurance, gas and mileage, lodging, meals, and incidentals. If you choose to have a car shipping company transport your vehicle, insurance is factored into your car transport rate. In addition, you do not have to worry about meals, hotel stays, or gas. However, a plane ticket will be necessary.
  • Packing Expenses: You will need to purchase boxes, bubblewrap, tape, and markers. To save money, you can ask your local stores if they have spare boxes.
  • Home Expenses: When moving to a new home or apartment, you may be required to pay property taxes, utility deposits, pet deposits, or renter’s insurance.

Learn more about How To Save On Moving Costs.

3. Outline your car shipping needs.

Red sports car

The whole idea of relocating to a new city can be daunting. However, you can greatly reduce the stress of a move by using corporate car relocation services. Whether you are moving a single car or multiple cars, it does not matter. National Dispatch offers services that won’t break the bank.

Before choosing car transport services, you must first outline your car shipping needs. Answer the following questions to get a better idea of what you need.

  • How many cars will you be transporting?
  • What types of vehicle(s) do you own?
  • How soon do you need your car(s) delivered?

At National Dispatch, we work with both small businesses and large corporations, not just individuals. We understand the best and safest way to ship your car to its destination. Below, you will find a few of the auto transport services that we offer.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is the standard method of transport for the car moving industry. Due to its popularity, this often means that there are more trucks available to make scheduling easier. This type of carrier is a great option, especially if you drive your car on a daily basis. This means that your car is regularly exposed to common external elements.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is another option when it comes to transporting your vehicle. These carriers are fully-enclosed. This gives greater peace of mind and complete protection from all hazards of the road. If you do not consider yourself to be a daily driver, as with a classic car owner, then enclosed car shipping is the way to go. Some enclosed carriers are even equipped with liftgates for a safer loading experience.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

If you are looking to get your vehicle directly to your home or business location, ask an auto transport agent about door-to-door auto transport in your area. This service removes the need for you to drive miles to pickup or deliver your car. Therefore, it offers convenience and alleviates added stress.

Guaranteed Shipping

If you are in need of fast delivery by a specific date, then our guaranteed shipping option is the one for you. This service is recommended when the customer is need of urgent auto transport. Keep in mind that this a more expensive shipping option.

4. Do your research.

Woman hand with mouse and laptop

In the auto transport industry, there are thousands of companies to choose from. You want to be sure that you take the necessary measures so that you have the best car shipping experience, possible.

With the car shipping industry, it is not really necessary to find a business that is local. Therefore, a face-to-face visit with the company may be out of the question. This means you are left to do your homework online.

Here are a few tips for conducting your research.

  • Look up the registration. As required by law, auto transport carriers must be licensed, insured, and bonded. You can look up a company’s DOT number by conducting an online search.
  • Check online reviews. Reliable car shipping companies should have a good rating online from previous customers. You can check out Google Reviews to read what past customers had to say about their experiences. In addition, you can go to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Go to their website. If you are thinking about doing business with a company, they should have a good online presence. This means that their site should look professional and well put together.
  • Speak with a representative. Even bad companies can have a good website. After checking out the company online, you should contact an auto transport representative. Ask questions. The customer service agent should be friendly and helpful.
  • Go with your gut. At the end of the day, you should choose a company that will be the best fit for you. If something feels off about a company, then it probably is. Leave it in search of another. If you feel uncomfortable after your search, how will you feel after handing over your keys?

We hope that these points lead you in the right direction. Finding the right car shipper can be a challenge. However, you will feel better knowing that your car is in good hands. Learn more about How To Choose An Auto Transport Company.

5. Request a car shipping quote.

If competitive car transport rates is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. The easiest way to receive a quote is by using our online quote calculator. It requires some general information to determine the cost to ship your vehicle. What will be required of you?

  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Pickup Location
  • Delivery Location

As you can see, only four simple fields are required to get an instant car shipping quote. Unlike other companies, we do not require personal information, such as an email or phone number. This is because we want to make the process as easy and quick as possible.

Upon filling out this information, you will be instantly redirected to your car transport rate. On this screen, you can select other services, as needed. What services do we offer?

  • Non-Running Vehicle Shipping
  • Running Vehicle Shipping
  • Open Carrier Shipping
  • Enclosed Carrier Shipping

How Is The Price Determined?

The price of your quote is determined by a number of factors. Each quote is customized to our customer’s specific situation. Here are a few variables that affect the cost of shipping.

  • Distance. This is the state to state rate, or how far the driver must travel from pickup location to delivery location. Cross-country moves will cost more than relocating statewide.
  • Location. This refers to how close your destination is to the main highways. Is it an easily accessible location? If the driver has to drop the vehicle off at the top of a mountain, the cost of shipping may be higher.
  • Season. The busiest season for auto transporters tends to be the summer. Rates may be reflective of this increase in demand.
  • Carrier Option. As we have already discussed, there are two carrier options. Enclosed carrier shipping is the more expensive of the two.
  • Urgency. How soon do you need your car? In general, it is a good idea to give the auto transport company plenty of time to arrange transport services.

National Dispatch

National Dispatch is a nationwide car shipping company with a company-owned fleet. Our corporate car relocation services are ideal for individuals relocating to a a new city, as well as businesses moving a portion or their entire corporation. Whether you need a single car or a fleet of cars transported, we have got you covered by offering several type of carrier options.

Our professional and experienced staff coordinate all the details of your car shipment, from start to finish. This makes for a hassle-free car shipping experience. Call us today at 800-321-2051 or go online for a free, instant car shipping quote. No personal information is required. You can also chat with us online.

20 Questions To Ask An Auto Transport Company

Detail of Classic Auto

Hiring an auto transport company is a great way to make a move less stressful. However, before shipping your car, you want to be sure that you hire the right company for the job. You do not want just anyone handling your vehicle. You want a reputable auto transport company that understands the importance of providing exceptional customer service.

How can you go about finding the right auto transport company? Research is key to helping you determine how reputable a company truly is. Specifically, asking questions is the perfect way to find a company that is in line with your values and budget. After all, you don’t know unless you ask. Here are some of the most important questions to ask to have the best car shipping experience, possible.

  1. Is your company licensed and registered?

    To ensure that you are dealing with a company that you can trust to get your car from Point A to Point B, you need to check to see that the company has all the necessary licenses. Any company that transports vehicles is required to register through the U.S. Department of Transportation.

    You can ask a representative for the U.S. DOT# for verification purposes. By obtaining this information, not only can you ensure that the company is licensed, but you can use it to view safety reports and such.

  2. What are your rates?

    You work hard to earn your money. Therefore, you want to ensure that you aren’t just throwing it away on a company that makes false promises. A reputable auto shipper should be upfront about how much it costs to use their services. Car transport rates vary depending on the situation, so you need to contact the auto transport company directly for a quote.

    While everyone prefers affordable services, it is important to keep in mind that price is not everything. If you choose to go with the cheapest option you can find, you may come to realize that you get what you pay for. Instead, choose a company that offers highly quality services.

  3. Do you offer a free no-obligation quote?

    Most auto transport companies offer free car shipping quotes on their website. If they don’t, this could be a big red flag and a sign to look elsewhere. Why wouldn’t a company want to offer a future customer a complimentary quote?

    Here, at National Dispatch, we offer both a free and instant car shipping quote. Plus, our online quote form requires absolutely no personal information. Therefore, our car shipping quotes our 100% no obligation, and it only takes a few seconds to get one.

  4. Do your quotes include everything?

    This is very important. There is nothing worse than unexpected costs and charges. This can easily be avoided by asking the auto transport company for a list of everything that the quote covers. Ask the company, ahead of time, if there will be any additional costs to avoid the headache.

    Before you sign the contract, make sure you read everything over and understand everything clearly. Make sure that the charges are what you agreed upon. If there are any additional costs or penalties, make sure that you inquire about them right away.

  5. Why are you the best company to go with?

    National Dispatch TruckThere are thousands of auto transport companies to choose from. Although they may all serve the same industry, not all of them are alike. Every auto transport company should be able to tell you what makes them special. What sets them apart from the competition?

    You should aim to ship with a company that has an impressive track record of getting cars to their destination in a safe and timely manner. If you want to find out what past customers are saying about their experiences, read reviews from a trustworthy source.

  6. Will the vehicle be insured?

    Insurance is important when it comes to transporting a car. Before hiring an auto transport company, you should ask what is and is not covered and included in the cost of your car shipping quote. You want to be sure that you are covered during the transport of your vehicle.

    If an auto transporter does not offer the coverage you are looking for, this could be a major deal breaker. You will likely not want to take the risks of being responsible for any damages, if any were to occur.

  7. Do you have references that I can speak to?

    You do some research on your own to read online reviews and testimonials. However, ratings can be manipulated. Ask the auto transporter if there are any past customers that you can contact. This is one way to ensure that you are getting an honest review.

  8. How can I pay?

    Credit card on laptopIt is not uncommon for an auto transport company to require some payment, in the form of a deposit, prior to pickup. In fact, this is the policy for most companies. If they require that you pay all the money up-front, then this may be a sign for alarm.

    When it comes to payment methods, companies may differ. At National Dispatch, we accept a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards.

  9. What are my shipping timeframe options?

    You are probably wondering about your delivery options. Most auto transport companies offer several different options, depending on your schedule and budget. In general, you want to book car shipping services in advance to ensure that you get what you need and give the company enough heads up.

    At National Dispatch, we offer 3 shipping options, ranging in price from least expensive to a little pricier. We have economy shipping, priority shipping, and guaranteed shipping. Priority shipping is the standard method of shipping, while guaranteed is recommended for those in more of a hurry.

  10. How are your rates calculated?

    You will likely want to know how much it costs to ship your car from one part of the country to another and what goes into determining that price. Auto transport costs are determined by a variety of factors, including the type of vehicle, distance from the pickup to the delivery location, and the specific shipping options you choose.

    To learn more about how rates are calculated, read Car Transport Rates: Explaining It All.

  11. How do I need to prepare my car for shipping?

    Car on asphalt road in summerBefore shipping, you will likely need to complete some steps to prepare your car for transport. What does this entail? You will need to give your car a thorough cleaning, remove all personal items from the car, and ensure that the tank is 1/4 full.

    Check with the auto shipping company for any additional recommendations that they may have. Also, read our Preparing Your Car For Shipping In 10 Easy Steps.

  12. When will my car be delivered?

    Another common question you might have is regarding the length of time delivery takes. As we mentioned before, there are several different shipping methods to choose from. Therefore, delivery time will vary depending on which method you choose and how far away the driver must travel to deliver the vehicle.

  13. What documentation do I need to supply in order to ship my car?

    It is crucial that you are prepared for auto shipping with the appropriate documents. This will ensure that the auto transport process goes smoothly from start to finish. This can also help to prevent any delays.

    Ask the auto transporter, in advance, what type of paperwork is needed. Typically, you will be need to provide the auto shipper with the registration and title, along with proof of insurance and photo identification.

  14. Do I have to be available for pickup and delivery?

    New American HomeMost auto transport companies require that someone (over the age of 18) be present at the time of pickup and delivery. This is because keys must be collected, important paperwork must be signed, and an inspection report must be completed.

    It is important to be respectful of the auto transporter’s time. If you cannot be present for the pickup or delivery of your vehicle, make sure you stress to your friend, neighbor, or family member the importance of being there on time.

  15. How will my car be transported?

    When it comes to shipping a car, there are two primary methods that you can choose from: open or enclosed carrier shipping. Each auto transport method has their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which option offers the best investment.

    While open auto transport is more economical and is the standard in the industry, it does not protect your car from an array of external elements. Enclosed auto transport is the better option if this is a concern. However, it is more costly in comparison to open auto shipping.

  16. Can you move my personal belongings?

    Although it would be much more convenient to have your auto shipper transport your household goods along with your vehicle, most companies do not allow this. It is recommended that you remove all personal items from the vehicle. However, you can leave your car’s spare tire and jack.

    Failure to remove these items could result in added fees or delays, and nobody wants that. There is also the possibility that these items could become damaged or could cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. To avoid this, empty your car before auto transport.

  17. Can you transport non-running cars?

    Old truck restorationIt is important to know what the car shipping company you are looking at hiring specializes in. What can and can’t they do? Most auto transport companies can ship the typical cars, trucks, and SUVs. What about cars that do not run?

    Inoperable cars present more of a challenge, because these vehicles require special equipment for loading and unloading purposes. National Dispatch has the means necessary to transport your car, regardless if it runs or not. Just be sure that you provide this information to the auto transporter when you place your order, so all the appropriate preparations can be made.

  18. Where are you located?

    This question may not seem to hold much significance, but by asking it, you gain some insight into whether or not the company has a physical address or not. You might even come to learn that the company is located not too far from where you are located.

    National Dispatch’s headquarters is in Cocoa Beach, Florida. However, we are a nationwide car shipping company. This means that we can ship your car anywhere you need it to go within the United States.

  19. Is door to door shipping available?

    Blue house door One of the primary reasons why people choose to ship their car is because it is easier and more convenient than the alternative — driving. If you are looking for an auto transport service that makes your life simpler, ask your auto shipper about door to door shipping.

    Door to door shipping is a hassle-free auto shipping service that can save you a lot of time. Instead of dropping your car off at a terminal, the driver will come directly to your home for pickup and delivery.

  20. What goes into the auto transport process?

    If this is your first time shipping a car, then one of the most important things to know is how exactly the process will go. Ask the auto transport representative what you can expect the auto transport process to be like, from start to finish.

    With National Dispatch, our team of trained professionals are always happy to assist you by answering any questions you may have. Call us or use the chat feature on our website.

National Dispatch

National Dispatch is a nationwide auto transport company with a company-owned fleet. If you choose to ship with us, you can expect excellent customer service and competitive prices. We make the safety of your vehicle our top priority. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is in the best hands.

Request a free, instant car shipping quote using our online quote calculator. No personal information is required to get a quote in seconds. If you prefer to speak with an auto transport representative, call us at 800-321-2051. We look forward to hearing from you!