Terms and conditions of agreement

1. The terms and conditions contained herein of this agreement between the customer named below (Customer), and National Dispatch LLC (National Dispatch), as entered into by Customer, establishes an executed, legally binding contract between Customer and National Dispatch.

2. Customer agrees to hire National Dispatch to facilitate the shipping of the above described vehicle/item (Vehicle), from origination to destination, also indicated, for the price as shown above. Customer engages National Dispatch to ship the Vehicle either on one of our own licensed and Insured car transporters, or, National Dispatch is authorized by Customer to broker the shipment to a licensed and insured Third Party Carrier (Carrier).

3. National Dispatch will not be held responsible for any financial loss incurred by delays or advances of the shipment, and vehicle rentals also will not be reimbursed for any reason. Pick-up and/or delivery dates/times are not guaranteed unless noted above as delays may occur, and any additional fees charged for any specific dates/times, as noted above, will be refunded if that itinerary is not met.

4. Customer must prepare Vehicle for shipment, any loose parts, low spoilers, fragile accessories, etc, must be secured or removed. If part of the Vehicle falls off during transport, it is the Customer’s responsibility and liability, including damages caused by that part to the Vehicle in question, any other vehicle(s), and/or person(s) involved. Alarm systems must be functional, or disarmed prior to transport, or Carrier may use any means necessary to silence the item. Customer, in their own absence, must designate a person to facilitate the pickup and/or delivery.

5. Customer acknowledges that if the Vehicle ceases to be operative during transport, a charge of $200.00 must be collected before delivery. On or after pickup, should the vehicle be anything other than the dimensions stated above, Customer must pay any excess fees requested or incurred, or adhere to the cancellation terms (prior to pickup).

6. The Customer will hold National Dispatch harmless from any and all misrepresentations that may have been implied, expressed, or discussed, and that this contract supersedes all and any statements spoken by any employee of National Dispatch.

7. Customer agrees to pay all fees, and will not seek to chargeback credit cards over disputes, and will comply with the terms of this agreement to handle any disputes. All cancellations after a carrier has been assigned will be subject to a $150.00 cancellation fee.

8. Claims that may occur will be settled at actual cost and addressed only to the Carrier, or the Carriers insurance policy, or, if shipped by our own fleet, to National Dispatch. Any damage must be clearly noted while the driver is making the delivery. Damages not noted on the Bill of Lading will not be honored (no exceptions).

9. The Carrier, or National Dispatch, will contact the Customer prior to pickup and delivery. In order to effect pickup and delivery, the Customer agrees to meet the Carrier at any specified time and place without exception. Carrier will pick up as close to the customers door as legally and safely as possible. A dry run fee may be assessed in the event the Customer is unavailable or unwilling to provide the vehicle for transportation as of the first date of availability.

10. Carrier will not be responsible for damage caused by flood, storm, or hail damage, or damage from broken/worn areas of Vehicle. Carrier will not be responsible for any mechanical malfunctions which include any part of the drive train, electrical systems, cooling systems, stereo systems, power windows, power steering, air bags, braking systems, clutch systems, etc, (anything that is mechanical or electrical).

11. Customer acknowledges that National Dispatch will not hold any liability toward documents given to them by the Carrier and that National Dispatch does not have control of any invalidity of any documents presented to them by Carrier. Customer further agrees that National Dispatch does not, will not and cannot have any liability over Carriers actions prior to, during, and/or, post transportation. Carrier contracted is solely and completely responsible for any and all liability with regard to inspecting, loading, transporting, unloading, and delivering the Vehicle Furthermore, the Carriers cargo insurance policy may have liability limits and deductibles, and National Dispatch will be held harmless by the Customer because of any limits and deductibles. Customer shall hold National Dispatch harmless from any and all claims for recompense with regard to a contracted Carrier.

12. The Customer, or their agent, must have any payment due when the Carrier arrives at delivery. Carrier payments must be either cash, money order, or a cashier’s check, unless an arrangement was made prior to pickup. Customer acknowledges that if payment is not made by the listed methods, then Vehicle/item will be held until payment received. Storage and redelivered fees (if applicable) will also be incurred at Customer’s expense.

13. National Dispatch reserves the right to cancel this transportation agreement for any reason at any time.

14. Insurance policies in effect on the vehicle has primary coverage. International shipments & any vehicle contents are shipped uninsured.

15. Customers, and/or agents, acknowledge they are fully authorized to enter into this agreement on behalf of the owner of the Vehicle. The Customer also agrees that they have a full understanding of this agreement, are at least 18 years of age, and able to enter into the terms and conditions of this agreement.

16. Any part or portion of this agreement found to be prohibited by law shall only be ineffective to the extent of such invalid part or portion, and will not invalidate the rest of this agreement.

17. Customer agrees that this agreement between them and National Dispatch is the only agreement in effect with regard to shipping their Vehicle.

18. This agreement shall be facilitated and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and that any and all actions, motions, or lawsuits brought by either party shall and must be brought in Brevard County, Florida or by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Customer agrees that all services provided by National Dispatch on behalf of Customer were performed solely in the state of Florida and any and all actions and/or practices to be conducted by National Dispatch under this agreement would have been done or were done also, solely in the State of Florida. Customer agrees that any judgment obtained in violation of this provision against National Dispatch, shall be deemed null and void. Should National Dispatch need to enforce or defend any part of this agreement or be included in any legal proceedings as Plaintiff or Defendant, Customer shall be liable for, and pay, any and all costs and attorney(s) fees incurred by National Dispatch. Facsimile copies of signatures, and/or E-signatures to this agreement shall be treated as originals.