How To Ship Military Vehicles Safely?

One of the most challenging things about relocating can be determining how to get your vehicle to your new location. This problem indeed holds importance, no matter what type of vehicle you need to transport as individuals often need to transport their cars, vans, work trucks, or other vehicles to a new location.

This can be a challenging endeavor for those relocating a group of military trucks to a new work location, classic cars worth a lot of money and need to get to a location of the venue in top shape, or a couple moving from coast to coast for a new job. Those in the military are often deployed to different areas and often need to arrange to get their vehicle to their new military post.

We rarely think about the complexity of moving military, swat, police, and other types of oversized vehicles that may be used to protect civilians here and abroad. These types of vehicles are extremely expensive. Many have the top technologies and are armored to protect those inside the vehicles. Often, they are moving cross-country to help areas that have been hit by natural disasters like floods, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other issues.

Other times, it may be moving vehicles to protect citizens due to civil unrest, loitering, protests, or other man-made calamities.

One of the most stressful situations is for deployed individuals and now having to relocate. This is stressful for the entire family and imposes many decisions to be made in a short period. That is why dealing with experts will help relieve some unanswered questions about getting your personal vehicle to your new location. If military vehicle transportation experts can move big machinery, they can certainly help move a vehicle.

No matter what the scenario, it is important to find the right vendor to help move vehicles from point A to point B. Finding military car shipping, mainly enclosed, can be difficult, so individuals, government entities, police departments, and other national groups must find the right resource to get the vehicles where they need to be on time and in the condition they are left in.

What You Need to Know About Military Car Shipping and Enclosed Car Shipping:

Those in the military are often transferred via interstate transfers, or outside the U.S. Those who have never dealt with this type of relationship may have no idea where to start. Those that work in the armed forces often don’t know where deployments will take them. It can be a huge stress for an individual and even more stressful moving a family to a new area in the U.S. and can be even more stressful when the move is outside the U.S.

They need to know that one of your most prized and needed possessions will arrive at its destination and will be in good hands. You need to find a reliable auto transport company. The military transportation office often has a list of reliable vendors that they can call on to help military personnel get their vehicles to their destination. It is also good to deal with a provider that understands the needs of military personnel. Companies like National Dispatch will help plan your trip and take the worry out of moving your car to the new location.


What is the Total Expense of Military Car Shipping or Enclosed Car Shipping?

There are a lot of variables when determining the cost of military car shipping. First, is the distance between the pick-up area and the destination point. The further the distance, the more expensive it will be. Also, it depends on the type of vehicle being transported and the minimum or maximum protection required to get the vehicle to its destination safely.

Many need to choose between an open-air or enclosed truck. As you can imagine, an enclosed truck will cost more than one, leaving the vehicle open to the elements.

Also, another factor to consider is whether you will be shipping the car with additional baggage. For most domestic military car shipping, you can include a box of luggage with the vehicle as long as it is below 100 pounds. Remember that items being shipped will not be insured, so any valuable property should not be shipped with the vehicle.

Once you know when your vehicle needs to be shipped and the type of transport needed, you will be able to get a quote.


Is an Enclosed Car Shipping My Vehicle Transport the Way to Go?

One of the largest decisions you will make is whether the vehicle will be enclosed or open air?

A means of open-air transport is the most cost-effective and command way to move your vehicle. The process is much faster than choosing an enclosed vehicle, so if your move is coming soon, and you want to have your vehicle available upon arrival, it may be the best option to choose open air.

Keep in mind, an open-air car mover will leave your vehicle open to rough weather and exposure to the elements. It may also arrive with a few dings and scratches, which are inevitable.

Enclosed auto transports keep your car completely covered. This is a more expensive option, but one that will keep your care safer on the road to its destination. This is especially true for those with costly vehicles that would depreciate if damaged. Inside storage also keeps it free from vandalism on the road as well.


A Military Expert That Helps Plan The Shipping Process:

At National Dispatch, we have experts that deal with regular military auto shipping. A car transport service company like us understands the unique needs of those in the military and goes out of our way to give you the most options at the best prices.

Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • We will help you plan the trip, taking the worry out of your hands. We will plan the best route and deliver your car when needed in the best possible condition.
  • Time savings. Having your auto transported saves a lot of time than driving your vehicle to your new location. Often, you’ve never been there before and don’t know the easiest route; an expert military vehicle service provider like us lets you get to your location while they take the most efficient route to deliver the vehicle to you. This allows you to spend time packing and taking care of other concerns.
  • You will save on costs. When you drive your vehicle, you will have to stop for gas, get hotel rooms, and other costs that you will not incur when you have a professional move your vehicle. You also won’t need to worry about hazards on the roadways.
  • It is safer for your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about driving on slick roads, getting a flat tire, etc.


Moving Multiple Cars:

Many families have more than one vehicle to ship during relocating, and National Dispatch can help with the same. Moving multiple cars is easy since more than one vehicle is going to the final destination.

In a matter of just four min. or six min. you will be arranging to have one or more of your vehicles shipped in either enclosed car shipping or outside shipping. Military car shipping experts make the transportation process seamless, quick, easy, and affordable.


Coordinate Your Move Today:

As Military car shipping experts, our team understands the stress of moving civilians and understands that moving military personnel can be even more stressful for a family or individual.

That is why we cater to the military and have our experts to help with your every need. Whether you’re crossing state boundaries or going to the other side of the country, we can help move your car anywhere at any time.

We offer unparalleled customer service, so you don’t have to worry about moving your military vehicle. 

With our services, you can sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. Rest assured, your vehicle will be at the proper location when you get there. In good condition and ready for you to start your new life in a new town.

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