About National Dispatch

National Dispatch is a leading provider of auto transport services. Our top priority is to transport your vehicle in the fastest and safest manner possible.

Our customers count on us for expedited transport of their autos, motorcycles, classic cars, and other vehicles. We have open trailer and enclosed vehicle transport carriers and provide automobile transport for both running and non-running vehicles.

Our customers include individuals relocating anywhere within the United States, auto dealerships, vacationers, car collectors, corporations offering relocation packages, construction teams, military personnel, and more.

We are a leading automobile transport company for the growing market of internet auto sales. Dealerships and individuals who sell cars online realize that buyers demand a fast and reliable car transport service so that they can get behind the wheel of their new car as quickly as possible.

We listen to our customers and never lose sight of the fact that we are serving people like you with unique and special needs, not just transporting vehicles.

Contact us today by phone at 1-800-321-2051 with any questions you may have about auto transport or to get a customized quote from one of our car transport specialists.

Who We Are

National Dispatch is a national shipper of vehicles. We have shipped vehicles for thousands of customers nationwide, catering to all requests for vehicle relocation.

Our customers include new vehicle dealers across the nation and pre-owned automobile dealers, many of whom specialize in the ever-growing area of internet sales. In addition, we ship for private individuals, car collectors, and corporate relocations.

  • We receive business from repeat customers, showing an exemplary degree of service.
  • Non-running or salvage vehicles are no problem.
  • Open trailer or enclosed transport options are available.

National Dispatch offers an insured, licensed and expedited service to ensure your vehicle reaches its destination fast, safe and secure.

What We Do

National Dispatch is your online source for vehicle shipping. We transport vehicles statewide and nationwide. Our company features include an insured, expedited, and trackable transportation service using multi-vehicle carriers.

  • Call us for a quick-quote, or submit a request online.
  • We process your order with all pertinent information.
  • We schedule the truck and keep you informed.
  • We pick up and deliver in a timely manner.

Customer satisfaction is something we pride ourselves on, because we believe you deserve the best when it comes to transporting your vehicle.

About The Carriers: Knowledge, Skill and Experience

It is understandable — you’re handing your vehicle off to a car hauling company and entrusting them with the safety and security of getting it to your chosen destination without any problems or damage. Perhaps, you are a bit nervous and cautious, to some degree, about how this will go. Having no knowledge about who drives these massive car carriers across the country can certainly be cause for concern, but employing National Dispatch to be your auto transporter will provide you with peace of mind.

National Dispatch: Auto Transporters By The Book

Just to be clear, there is a lot that goes into being a professional driver for a car carrier, and by no means is it a job that we take lightly. That is why all our employees go the extra mile to make sure the driver we assign has all their permits up to date, has a thorough knowledge of the federal rules and regulations related to auto transport, and are well-equipped to handle a variety of situations. During the transport of your vehicle, the drivers are also accessible by cell phone and will contact you if any problems occur. They will also give you adequate notice prior to the arrival of your vehicle. Once delivery is completed, the driver will complete a condition report to make sure everything is the way it should be. From the moment your vehicle is loaded onto one of the car carriers, they take on the responsibility of getting it to you in the condition it was when it left your possession. With a National Dispatch professional behind the wheel, your auto transport will be safe and secure.

The Drive For Success: Quality Professionals

The auto transport driver will work with you to make sure you get your delivery when you requested it. You will not have to wait around for hours on end to get your vehicle. Additionally, if the delivery area is troublesome because of traffic or narrow streets, you can make arrangements with the driver to bring your vehicle to a location that would prove easier to navigate. When we say door-to-door service, we mean it. The driver will do his best to bring your vehicle right to you. We could not call ourselves an auto transport company if we did not consistently strive for this goal. Customer service, affordable quotes, and drivers who have the knowledge and skill to transport vehicles safely and securely — that’s what we do. That is National Dispatch.

Located In Cocoa Beach But Shipping Nationwide

National Dispatch is a leading auto transport company. Our Corporate Headquarters is in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Cocoa Beach, Florida, in Brevard County, is approximately 115 miles east of Tampa, Florida. The area is home to around 11,000 to 12,000 people, who find the location the perfect place for fun in the sun. Cocoa Beach serves as a popular vacation destination to which tourists arrive using two popular nearby airports, Orlando International Airport and Melbourne International Airport. Cocoa Beach is an ideal vacation hotspot because of the chance to walk on the 800-foot pier that extends into the Atlantic Ocean and opportunity to explore Ron Jon Surf Shop, the world’s largest surf shop. The area is also located between the Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Force Base, and Cape Canaveral.

Although National Dispatch’s Corporate Headquarters is in Cocoa Beach, Florida, we ship vehicles statewide and nationwide. We are a leading provider in the industry that you can depend on for your auto transport needs. Our customer base consists of a variety of individuals and corporations. No matter who you are or where you need your car shipped in the United States, we can assist you and meet your specific needs. We have shipped thousands of vehicles across the United States and receive business from repeat customers, as well.

We believe that you deserve the best when it comes to shipping your vehicle. Therefore, we make it our mission to ensure that your car reaches its destination in a safe and timely manner. Our professional and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you. Use our free, online quote calculator to receive a car shipping quote in seconds. You can also call or email us today to find out more information about the auto transport process and get all your questions answered. We look forward to hearing from you.