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Reasons Why People Move And Use An Auto Transport Company

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Are you in the middle of planning a move? Then, you’re not the only one. Thousands of people move each and every day. In fact, the average American home owner moves every five years or so. For those who currently live in the home they grew up in, they might have a hard time understanding why people move so frequently.

After all, a move can be challenging. It is not a decision that you make lightly. The whole process requires proper planning, research, and organization. You must be sure that the move is well-worth the time and effort.

We have assembled the most popular reasons why people move to a new city. Find out if your reason is on the list. Check them out below.

1. Upgrading.

Many people decide to upgrade to a larger, better home, one that gives them the features, layout, and decor that their current home is lacking. When people are not completely happy with their current home, they sell and move to their dream home. People do not only move to upgrade their home’s design. A move is necessary when the family outgrows the home they are in.

How do you know when your home is too small for your family? More space is needed if you feel cramped and are constantly on top of each other. You may also want to consider moving to a larger home as your children grow older and want their own rooms. Therefore, if you find that your home is lacking adequate storage space or the home just doesn’t suit your needs anymore, it may be time to upgrade.

2. Downsizing

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On the opposite end of the spectrum is downsizing. Why would anyone want to move to a smaller home? Well, there are many reasons. One such reason is when kids move away to college. After they leave, there are rooms in the home that are not being used. All the unneeded space may leave the owners wanting a smaller property.

A smaller home means less rooms to clean. The older you get, the less energy you have to clean a large house. Downsizing presents the perfect opportunity to save on housing costs. In addition, it makes more logical sense.

3. Better Neighborhood.

There may be nothing wrong with the house you live in now. However, you may want to move to a better neighborhood, one that is more convenient, safer, or friendlier than your current one. Maybe, you had conflicts with one of your neighbors. On the other hand, maybe your neighborhood is not what it used to be. The traffic is terrible, and it just doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore.

If you have children, you will want to choose a neighborhood that is safe and family-oriented. Choose a location that has parks nearby. You will also want to take into consideration what the school system is like in the area and how far away it is from your new home.

4. Job.

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It is not uncommon to relocate for a new job in another city. When people are given a new job opportunity that comes with a higher salary and better benefits, there are not many that wouldn’t travel some distance to take it. In addition, if you are someone who is having trouble finding work in your current city, a move might be your answer. A different city can offer a number of employment opportunities.

Job transfers are also common. This occurs when the employee is transferred to a different branch of the company in a different city or state. Some companies offer corporate relocation packages, which will cover some or all of the expenses covered in your move. Another job-related reason to move is the commute. No one likes traffic. Some people choose to relocate closer to work to save not only time and money, but their sanity.

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5. Retirement.

Retirement is another primary reason for moving to another city or state. As we grow older, our needs change, and so does our health. Most people around this age want to live in a calm, relaxing area that has beautiful weather year-round. They also want a place that has a low cost of living, easy access to good healthcare, variety of local amenities, parks, and a low crime rate.

As we previously discussed, many people choose to downsize to a smaller home. This includes retirees, who may want to move to a smaller single-story home. This will make it easier to get around, especially if there are pre-existing health issues, such as knee or back problems.

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6. Finances.

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Sometimes, such as in the case of financial troubles, there is no other choice but to move. If you are having a hard time paying your bills, then moving to a new state that offers lower taxes and a cheaper cost of living might be the answer you have been searching for.

You can save some money by moving to an area that is easier on the wallet. Search for a home that is more in line with your budget. Make sure you account for all your living expenses: utilities, food, healthcare, transportation, home maintenance. You may get a good deal on your home, but it won’t be worth it if you are spending a lot of money with other expenses.

7. Need For Change.

There are some people who do not have a true reason for wanting to move. These are the brave souls who decide to start over somewhere new, despite the challenges that come with it. Sometimes, you just need to shake things up a bit. Moving to a new state is the perfect way to spice up your life.

When moving to a new town, you are presented with the opportunity of starting fresh. You get the chance to meet new people, explore new job opportunities, and pick up new hobbies. You moved to the city, because there was something about it that you loved. Therefore, make sure you take the time to see the sights and explore everything your new home has to offer.

8. Relationship Changes.

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Many people decide to purchase a new home or sell their old one because of a change in relationship status. Whether getting married, divorced, or moving in with a partner, a move might be necessary.

If you have just gotten married, then you are probably looking forward to buying a home and eventually starting a family with your spouse. You may decide to move into your spouse’s home or start the search for a new home. In either case, a move might be in your future. Getting divorced might require you to move houses, as well. One or both of you may decide to move out of the home you shared.

9. Moving For Family.

Another common reason why people relocate is to be closer to the ones they love. Your family means a lot to you. Therefore, they have a lot to do with where you move to. You want to make sure that your parents are taken care of and your child is going to the best school in the best neighborhood.

Many people want to live closer to family for support and so that they do not have to travel so far to spend quality time together. You may decide to move closer to your elderly parents so that you can care for them. In addition, they won’t have to travel far to see their grandchildren.

Many families also decide to move for a better school district. Some cities offer a higher quality education than others. When your children reach school-age, you must decide what type of education you want for your child and where you must go to receive that.

10. College.

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Let’s not forget about your personal dreams and goals. Many people often move to a new city or state to gain an education and enhance their knowledge. Moving to college is an exciting experience. It is more common in the younger generation. However, there are many older adults who are deciding to embark on this educational journey, as well.

Although your hometown might offer several high-quality educational options, you may want to expand your search outside of the state, even across the country. This will require you to move across state lines. Attending college out-of-state means greater independence and new cultural experiences. Moving to a new area will require you to step outside of your comfort zone. You will get the chance to meet new people in a different region of the country.

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Reasons To Use Auto Transport When Moving

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If you are moving, you will likely want to bring your car with you. You have two options when it comes to getting your car to your new home. You can either drive it yourself or hire an auto transport company. How do you know which one is the better option?

Well, it comes down to what you need and what you want. Do you want to spend hours driving across the country battling rain, traffic, and other aggravations? Most people wouldn’t want to do that, so they would rather go with the easier, safer, and faster alternative – car shipping. However, many people have concerns about the cost.

Some think that auto transport services will break the budget. However, there are many great auto transport companies, such as National Dispatch, that offer affordable rates. You must also consider what driving would entail. Driving would require you to pay for gas, food, and hotel stays on the way to your new home.

Check out these reasons to ship your car with National Dispatch:

  1. Professional.

    National Dispatch hires only the best. From the time you book to the time your car is unloaded from our transport carriers, you can expect a premier level of customer service. Our drivers have the knowledge and expertise to safely transport your car to its destination.

    Hiring a professional auto transport company has its benefits. With many years of experience and highly trained staff, you can be rest assured that your vehicle will arrive safely and quickly.

  2. Convenience.

    One of the most common reasons why people choose to hire a car shipping company is because of the added convenience it provides. With door-to-door auto transport services, the driver will come directly to your home or place of business. This eliminates the need to drop off and pick up your car from a terminal location.

    It is important to keep in mind that some locations can present a challenge for the transport truck. If this were to be the case, you and the driver would decide on a meeting area, such as a large parking lot.

  3. Safety.

    Many people find auto transport to be a safer alternative to driving for a number of reasons. Auto transport prevents the accumulation of added mileage, which can contribute to depreciation. In addition, there are options available, such as enclosed auto transport that can protect the car from weather and road elements.

    Getting your car to your new home does not have to be stressful. Using National Dispatch will give you peace of mind and make your relocation to your new home go much smoother. You will rest easy knowing that your car is getting cared for as it should on its journey to its new home.

Relocating, for one of the reasons we have listed or another, can be both exciting and challenging. It requires a lot of time and effort. Get your car to your new home without the hassle or added mileage that is associated with driving.

National Dispatch offers nationwide auto transport services. Request a free, instant car shipping quote. No personal information is required. To speak with an auto shipping representative, call us at 800-321-2051. You can also use the online chat feature, located on our website, to chat live with an agent.

Moving After Retirement: Why, When, Where, How?


Preparing For Retirement

As you reach the point of retirement, it is time to start thinking of where you want to spend your “Golden Years”. There are many reasons why individuals choose to relocate upon retirement. Before making the big move, ensure that you are making a smart choice. Retirement usually means living on less income. Thus, this is a decision that should take some thought, financial planning, and research.

Moving involves a lot of energy and preparation. You must plan, pack, unpack, and get used to life in a new city. The timing of a move is also an important factor to consider. You want to make sure you are in a comfortable financial situation to support a move to a new home.

Relocating upon retirement provides the opportunity to move to a location that better suits your dreams, plans, and future. We have assembled this article to help you with your retirement move. We will discuss the WHY, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW of moving after retirement. This will include information concerning how to get your vehicle to your new home, as well.

WHY Move Before Or After Retirement?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to move before or after retiring. Below you will find just a few reasons:

  • To move to a less expensive area. The neighborhood you live in now is too pricey. You would like to look for a more affordable community, because the cost of living is just too high. The top five best places to live on a fixed income, according to an article published by GoBankingRates, included:
    • Athens, Georgia
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    • Tucson, Arizona
    • Mobile, Alabama
  • To be closer to loved ones. Maybe, you want to be closer to your friends and family, so that you can make more frequent visits. On the other hand, it is also nice to know that they are there for you when you need them. One downside of growing older is that you become more dependent on others. However, it is beneficial to have family nearby.
  • For warmer weather. Those who live in the North or in the colder regions of the United States look forward to moving to the southern states, such as Florida, upon retirement. If you are a snowbird, you may already have a vacation home in a warmer climate that you will want to make your permanent residence.
  • In search of quality healthcare, without breaking the bank. Retirees want to ensure that there are quality doctors and hospitals in the area at an affordable price. Before moving to an area, you also want to make sure that they are not too far of a drive. You want convenience, quality, and value.

Questions To Ask Before Moving

Moving upon retirement is not a decision to make on a whim. It takes much thought, planning, and preparation. Before making a final decision, ask yourself a few simple questions. Here is what you should ask:

Can I afford to make this move?

It is crucial to have a retirement plan. After you have decided on a few options, calculate a few different scenarios. Take into account how much the cost of living will be where you want to live. Make sure to include the cost of income, sales, and property taxes, as well. You want to be able to survive comfortably on your income. If it is too expensive to live at your dream spot, think about other alternative cities and states. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Is downsizing a possibility?

It is likely that by this point in time all your children have left the nest. Think about if a five-bedroom home is necessary for a family of two. Moving to a smaller space can reduce the costs of upkeep, utilities, and more. This could improve your financial condition, leaving you with more money to save or spend as you please.

Should I rent or buy?

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting or purchasing a home. If you rent, you have a homeowner or property manager who will pay to fix problems if any come about. Thus, the responsibility of home maintenance is not on your shoulders. The costs of repairs would not be coming out of your pocket. However, there is the possibility of rent increasing in the area.

Is moving close to friends and family an option?

A major reason why retirees choose to relocate is to be closer to the ones they love. Having a support group during times of need is crucial at this point in a person’s life. However, sometimes it is not the most practical solution. Your children may not be settled in their career yet, so you have no idea where they will be a few years down the road. In addition, another community may offer better benefits to retirees, in terms of medical care, leisure activities, and such. However, it may be a distance away from friends and family. You must make a decision that makes the most sense for you.

What are my hobbies?

After retiring, you will have a lot of free time on your hands. You may want to take up a hobby, such as golf, Pickleball, gardening, or simply enjoying a nature walk in the park. Make sure the community you are considering offers the hobbies you enjoy. This way you can occupy your time doing what you love.

WHEN Is The Best Time To Move?

Many Americans plan on working after the age of sixty-five or do not plan on retiring at all. If you are in a position, financially, to make the move to your dream destination, then go ahead. Why wait?

If you are in the pre-retirement years, start looking for a job in the location of your dreams. If you have already retired, start searching for a place to call home. Before making the move, consider these tips:

  • Avoid the heat. Summer months are not only hot and humid in most places, but it is the time of the year when the cost of moving and auto transport services are the most expensive. If you can, move in September, October, or November. Moving companies are slowest around this time of year. Children are in school, and it is before the holidays. Not many people will choose this time to move.
  • Choose weekdays. Move during the week, rather than on the weekend. Movers may give a better deal. Plus, the companies are less likely to be booked.
  • Move mid-month. Many people move at the beginning and at the end of the months, because leases are up. Go for the middle of the month to avoid the rush.

WHERE Are The Best Places To Move Upon Retiring?

There have been many surveys and studies conducted over the years to determine the top states in America retirees wish to move to. The most popular states are often ranked upon a variety of factors important to retirees, such as the cost of living, taxes, healthcare, weather, crime rate, and more. AARP even offers a Livability Index, which scores areas of the country on a scale of zero to one hundred. You can plug in an address, and the program will supply a score based on a number of variables.

Many of the states on the list occupy the Sunbelt region of the United States. This region is a strip of states in the Southeast and Southwest areas of the country known to have a lot of sunshine. It stretches from California to Florida. It includes the states of Nevada, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, and more.

The best place to live depends on what you are looking for. Maybe, you want to settle down in a place with low taxes and a low cost of living. On the other hand, the climate may be of more importance to you, searching for warm weather. Check out our short list, including 5 popular states to retire:

South Carolina

The “Palmetto State” is the perfect place to call home after retirement. The winters are mild, cost of living is low, and there are plenty of activities to occupy your time. Income tax varies between three and seven percent. South Carolina’s property tax is also one of the lowest in relation to other states. Some popular retirement towns include Charleston, Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, and more.


Texas ranks one of the best places to retire due to its entertainment, food, access to healthcare, and weather. However, remember it is said everything is big in Texas, including property tax. This is one factor to consider before moving to the state. In reference to income tax, there is none. Many individuals enjoy living in the cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.


Who doesn’t love the “Sunshine State”? With a warm climate all year around and plenty of golf courses, beaches, and waterways, there is no wonder Florida is on the list. The state has no income tax. However, property tax is relatively high and based on the value of the property. There are senior citizen exemptions, as well. Some of the more popular cities to settle in are Key West, Miami, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa.


Arizona is not only known for being home to the Grand Canyon. It is also a popular retirement destination because of the multitude of outdoor activities, festivals, and attractions. In addition, there is no need for your snow boots and hat. The state’s property tax is below the national average, and social security payments are not taxed. However, Arizona does have a high sales tax. There are many nice locations to live in the state, including Phoenix and Tucson.


Nevada has more to offer than the city of Las Vegas, most commonly known for its casinos, shows, and nightlife. The state offers affordable housing and relatively low property, income, and sales taxes. Plus, social security income is not taxed. The state boasts a beautiful landscape and a mild climate. Some cities to consider residing in include Henderson, Gardnerville, Reno, and Carson City.

Moving Tips For Retirement

There is a lot of stress and emotion associated with moving into another home. You likely have been in the same house for many years. Maybe, this is even the home where you raised your children. Going through all your belongings, packing up everything, and starting a new life elsewhere can be overwhelming. Have no worries, we are here to help.

Here is a list of moving tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider where you will be the happiest. Happiness is the biggest factor. Ask yourself, “Do I want to live there?”
  • Calculate expenses, accurately. States vary in property, income, and sales tax. If the state is not getting money from income taxes, it is likely getting it from other means, such as in high property taxes.
  • Find quality health care. Before moving to a smaller town, research your access to physicians. Also, know whether or not those doctors take your insurance. Some do not take patients on Medicare.
  • Look at the crime rate. This is a consideration for anyone moving, not just retirees. It is especially important to think about if you intend on traveling and leaving your home alone for some time. You want to feel secure in your neighborhood and at peace while you are away.
  • Visit first. You may imagine in your head what life will be like. However, you do not truly know until you live there. Spend a week getting to know the area. After your visit, hopefully this will help you make a decision, either for or against the location.
  • Hire a professional. Leave everything to someone else. Do your research to hire a company you can rely on. Look for a moving and auto transport company you can trust. This will eliminate stress on move-in day, knowing all your possessions are being cared for.
  • Rely on help from friends, family, and neighbors. Moving house is never easy. It requires a lot of hard labor and time. The more people to help, the better. Loved ones can help make the big move easier and reduce stress associated with the moving process.


If you are thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, you will need to get rid of some items. This way everything will fit comfortably in your new home. It is never easy choosing which belongings to keep and which to toss or donate. However, it means less to pack and move, which makes for a much easier move. Below, you will find a few tips for downsizing:

  • Start sorting. Maybe, you want to give some items to your children or grandchildren. Other belongings you may want to donate to charity. You may also want to consider throwing a yard sale or garage sale. This would allow you to make a little extra money for retirement living. Sort belongings into piles.
  • Go room by room. Start with the rooms that hold the most items, such as the attic, basement, or spare room. Ask yourself if you need it, use it, or have another item like it.
  • Before tossing, consider if someone else could benefit. Before throwing items away, go to your local thrift shop, consignment store, or shelter. For books, check with the nearby library, used book store, shelter, or daycare. In the case of clothing, donate to thrift shops, consignment stores, or shelters.


HOW To Move Your Car

When thinking about all the possessions that you must move into a new house, you must also take into consideration your vehicle. How are you planning on transporting it from one location to another? Will you choose to drive or go for a more safer, easier alternative? Choose to hire a professional auto transport company.

National Dispatch is a nationwide auto transport company that specializes in the movement of all types of automobiles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles. We provide a wide array of services to meet your unique needs. Furthermore, we go the extra mile to ensure that your vehicle arrives at its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Receiving a auto transport quote could not be more simple. Contact us today via phone. Our number is 800-321-2051. We also encourage you to use our online quote calculator system. You will receive a free auto transport quote instantly, without any personal information required. We cannot wait to hear from you!