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Snowbird Car Shipping

You go outside to find the ground covered in a thick layer of snow, and the roads covered in ice. If this is not your ideal winter scene, then the snowbird lifestyle may be for you. A snowbird is a person who spends the summer months in their Northern home but travels to a warmer climate during colder weather.

Being a snowbird definitely has its advantages. You get to spend the next three months or so soaking up the sun rather than shoveling snow off your driveway. Many snowbirds choose to have their car shipped, because they wish to have their own car with them during their stay. However, they do not want to drive. Hiring an auto transport company is a viable solution.

Snowbird Vehicle Shipping Locations

There are many places across the United States that are popular snowbird destinations. Florida is a common destination because of its beaches, canals, golf courses, and attractions. It is the “Sunshine State”, after all. Plus, it is the home to Disney World. Arizona, Arkansas, California, and South Carolina are common states, as well.

Wherever your southern home is located, Florida or California, east coast or west coast, we can assist you. National Dispatch ships vehicles anywhere in the United States. Furthermore, we can transport a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles. Classic, luxury, and exotic models are no problem for our team of auto transport experts.

Tips For Snowbird Car Moving

Many snowbirds choose to ship their vehicle, because it is the best option. It saves the car miles and wear. In addition, it saves you time and energy. To ensure that your temporary relocation to your southern home goes smoothly, follow these tips:

  • Select a reliable, trustworthy company. It is important to find the right company to ship your car. You must find someone you can trust with the keys to your car. National Dispatch has years of experience helping customers transport their vehicles across the country. We assure you that you will receive the best in service and care. We will treat your car, as if it were our very own.
  • Book early. Do not procrastinate when it comes to booking your snowbird auto transport service. Transport carriers can only transport so many cars at one time. We want to ensure that you receive your car when you need it. If you do happen to wait until the last minute, that’s alright. We offer a guaranteed shipping option, which is a good option on a short deadline.
  • Invest in the right services. At National Dispatch, we offer a variety of services. Depending on your vehicle type, one service may be recommended over another. However, you must decide on the services that meet your unique needs. For example, if you are the owner of a classic vehicle, then enclosed auto transport may be the best option for you. This method provides added peace of mind to you and extra protection for the car from weather and elements.

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