Shipping Rules To Be Aware of Before Receiving Vehicle Shipping Quotes. 

You Must Prepare The Vehicle. 

After choosing your shipping options, receiving vehicle shipping quotes and booking your transport, prepare your automobile before the driver arrives. You must remove any valuable items and top off all fluids while leaving only a quarter of a tank of gas. 

The Cost Can Vary.

The car transport cost may vary since many factors play a crucial role in the overall price of the shipping. Routes, climate, season, destination, type of vehicle, pickup; all play a significant role in car transport costs. 

You Have To Be On-site For Pickup and Delivery. 

If you want the vehicle shipping to be seamless, you must ensure that you are present on-site for pickup and delivery. Upon delivery, you should also check your car for any damage and sign off on the condition. 

There Is a Limit to Driver’s Hours. 

In 95% of the cases, we can deliver the vehicles before the deadline after you get a car transport quote, but according to Federal Law, there is a limit to the number of hours a driver can drive in a day. So, if there is unexpected traffic, you can expect a bit of delay in the delivery. 

Car Shipping – Why Is It The Best Alternative?

No need to take time off work 

It is always better to get car shipping quotes before booking a car shipping service. Since then, you will not have to take time off work. The car shipping option acts as a savior, especially if you have a busy routine to follow. 

Reduce Your Stress

For a long-distance trip in your car, you need to put in a lot of energy and go through a stressful process. In addition to saving mileage, you can reduce the stress involved in shipping a car. So ask for auto transport quotes now. 

Insurance Coverage 

Most insurance companies offer coverage when shipping your vehicle through a transport company. They can inspect the car before it leaves the pickup point and inspects it again upon arrival. 

Save Money on Unforeseen Costs. 

Just getting auto transporter quotes and then opting for car shipping services can save you a lot of money. After booking a car shipping service, you won’t have to spend on fuel, maintenance, food, and other additional expenses involved in a long-distance road trip. 

Focus on What’s Important 

Many things are on the to-do list if you are shifting from one place to another. Therefore, adding the burden of driving the vehicle by yourself to the destination can make things more complicated. Here is another reason to opt for car shipping companies!

How Much Is It To Ship A Car?

The Cost of Comfort 

As per the survey conducted by E.ON, moving is the most stressful event, more stressful than divorce! The stress is accentuated when you have to move something big like a car. That is why booking a car shipping company is the best option. 

But most people have one question in mind before they opt for car shipping companies; how much to ship a car?

The car shipping cost is variable since many factors affect the final price, from the weight and model of the car to the distance covered by the carrier carrying your car. The price paid for the same route, car, and shipping option can vary in just one month. 

If you want to be sure about the price, you can use our on-site calculator that will give you an idea of how much it will cost to ship a vehicle from one point to another. 

Factors affecting car shipping prices

Car Make and Model 

Car make and model affect the car shipping rates because they indicate size and shape. The taller and longer a car is, the more space it occupies. Therefore, you have to pay more for the shipping. 

Vehicle Condition 

A vehicle’s ability to steer, brake, and roll are necessary for loading it on the carrier. Dealing with an inoperable vehicle takes a lot of time. Therefore, the price paid for shipping an inoperable vehicle is usually high. 

Transport Type 

If you choose open shipping services, you have to pay less than what you have to pay for enclosed shipping services. Enclosed shipping services are considered to be safer than open shipping services. 

Time of Year 

Summer is the busiest time of the year for shipping cars. Therefore the prices of shipping vehicles during the summer season are higher than in winter or any other season.