Process of Shipping a Car

We believe in simplicity, and therefore, we follow a three-step process for car shipment.

Quote and booking > Pickup > Delivery

Quote and booking for car transportation services 

  • The first process of shipping a car is to provide basic details, such as the car make and model, pick up location, and delivery location. After this, we will give you a proper quote.
  • Upon getting a quote from us for car delivery, you can choose from the different types of shipping options. But you must keep in mind that the kind of service you will select for car transports will impact the overall price.
  • Many other factors might affect the overall price of a car delivery service, and therefore, you should always consider the quote as an estimate, not as the final fixed price. 

Pickup By Car Carriers 

  • The driver will inform you that he is on the way to pick up your car from the pickup point. A person must be present to inspect the vehicle and sign the Bill of Lading. This bill is going to act as a receipt for shipping cars.
  • The driver will then outline the vehicle’s condition report on the contract to avoid any dispute when you choose to ship your car. Make sure to read the agreement carefully before signing so that there will be no confusion.
  • If you have any special handling instructions, you must mention them to the driver and inform the driver of any mechanical issue related to your vehicle. The driver will then load the car and begin the car transportation services. 

Delivery By Car Movers 

  • You have gone through the pickup process of transporting cars. Therefore, you know what to expect upon arrival of your vehicle. The delivery process is similar to those completed on arrival.
  • There must be a person present to inspect the vehicle for any damage, and the same person should sign the bill of lading. There are minimum chances of damage upon arrival, but it is still necessary for owners and car movers.
  • Upon receiving, you must clean your vehicle inside out, mainly if you chose open carriers for transport cars. If you have moved away from your state, you have to change the registration along with the driving license. 

Why Are Car Transporters a Better Option?

Avoid The Hassle 

By choosing car shipping, you avoid the hassle of planning for a long-distance road trip. From taking care of the food and route to equipping yourself to deal with any situation, there is a lot of hassle with long-distance road trips. 

Economical Option 

At first glance, the car shipment process might look like an expensive option. Still, a car delivery service will become a pocket-friendly option upon comparing the budget of a long-distance trip that includes maintenance, food, fuel, and many other things. 

Keep Your Car Safe 

Long-distance trips are not always suitable for cars, especially if using a luxury car. It is another reason people usually opt to transport cars instead of taking them on a long-distance trip and dealing with wear and tear. 

Keep The Insurance Cost In Check 

The more you will use your car, the higher your premium may be. But you can maintain your insurance costs by simply transporting cars through a car shipping company. 

Save Time 

If you have a busy routine and don’t have time to drive your car to its destination through a long journey, the best option for you will choose a suitable car shipping company like National Dispatch.

Best For You And Your Family 

Going on a long-distance trip by car with your family may not be the safest option since roads are full of unwanted risks. So, you can keep yourself and your family safe by opting for car delivery services offered by world-class car shipping companies. 

Avoid The Hassle of Maintenance. 

It doesn’t matter how well you maintain your car or the current condition of your vehicle. You will always have to deal with regular wear and tear and go through a proper maintenance check after a long-distance trip. That is another reason to choose car shipping companies. 

Peace of Mind 

After choosing a shipping company, you can have peace of mind since shipping companies are highly professional. They use tried and tested processes for shipping cars to their destination safely and efficiently.