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Fresno Car Shipping Services

Fresno is just one of the many popular cities that span California. It is both a popular tourist attraction and home to many. Why is this? The city has an easygoing vibe, offers numerous festivals throughout the year, and is an art lover’s paradise.

If you are looking to move out West, you should consider Fresno. When moving, make sure to utilize National Dispatch’s car shipping services to make your life much easier. Auto transport will relieve some stress by saving you time and energy. You won’t have to worry about your car on its journey to its new home. Here are a few car shipping services that we offer.

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport is the least expensive option when shipping a vehicle. With this method, the car will be shipped via an open carrier. It is the most popular method used by our customers, not only because it is economical but also because it is a safe and fast form of transport. It is important to know that open carriers do not protect your car from weather and road elements, such as rain, sun, snow, dirt, and dust.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is another great shipping option. It is preferred by owners of classic, luxury, sport, and exotic cars. As opposed to open auto shipping, the car will be shipped via an enclosed trailer. Therefore, it will be protected from weather and road elements.

Door-To-Door Auto Shipping

Door-to-door auto shipping is considered to be the primary method of auto transport. Not only is it the quickest for both you and the carrier, but it is also the most convenient. The driver will come directly to your home or business, or as close as possible, for pickup and delivery. There are some locations that are too small for the driver to maneuver the large truck. In these cases, a local meeting place will be decided.

Guaranteed Shipping

Are you in need of expedited shipping services? National Dispatch offers a guaranteed shipping option for those in search of a date that you pick. This option offers you many custom shipping options in comparison to larger pickup windows.

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Moving To Fresno

If you are considering moving to Fresno, there are a few things you need to know, first. What can you expect when moving to the city?

Cost of Living

While the cost of living in California can be astronomical to many people, Fresno is one of the country’s most affordable places to live. You will find that living the same lifestyle in Los Angeles costs much more. The difference in pricing allows people who love California to stay in the state, but avoid the high cost of living.

Local government leaders recognize that affordability is helping to draw people in to move to their city. However, they realize that there is a disadvantage in the job market. Fresno has an unemployment rate of about 10%. Local government is starting to address this problem in hopes of eradicating unemployment. To do this, they are revitalizing downtown and nurturing a budding tech hub. The mayor says that by doing this, he believes that the city will flourish.


One of the only downfalls of the city comes from the summers in Fresno. The summers here are brutal. So, if you are an outdoorsy person, be prepared for 90-100 degree weather in the summer. However, due to the location of the city, it is easy to make a day trip to the beach or mountains to escape the sun’s hot rays. While this heat is a curse to some, it is a blessing to others, because it allows the rich agriculture of the valley to be so abundant. This provides fresh produce to much of the nation.

Winters are a snowbirds dream. You can forgo the snowy and icy cold of brutal winters in exchange for 50 degree weather in Fresno. While you will have rain and fog, you will not have to worry about black ice or snowy roads on your way into work. Instead, it is warm enough to enjoy a bonfire outside with friends. In fact, the lowest recorded temperature in Fresno is just 38 degrees.


While public transportation is an option in Fresno, the most widely used form of transportation is via car. Most Fresno locals take a personal car to and from work, as well as for running errands. With all of those cars, you would think traffic is unbearable, but it is actually not that bad. The average commute time for workers is just under 30 minutes!


Because the local government has been working to fix their unemployment rate, the city has started to see economic growth. This economic growth has attracted many young couples, young families, and young singles. Because of this, the median age in Fresno is just slightly over 30.


Over the next few years, it is predicted that Fresno’s nightlife will grow significantly. With the influx of new individuals (primarily young) comes the need for entertainment. The city is already seeing several new recreational areas, nightlife venues, and eateries.

National Dispatch Offers A Free, Instant Car Shipping Quote

If you are in the market for car shipping services, then you need a company that you can count on. National Dispatch offers nationwide car shipping services. Our customer base is extensive, including individuals undergoing a residential move, corporate relocation, military move, extended vacation, and more.

Many auto transport companies offer a free car shipping quote on their website. However, not all quotes are the same. National Dispatch offers a free, instant car shipping quote without any personal information. Only four fields of information are needed to get a quote in seconds.

Call our toll-free number at 800-321-2051 to speak with an auto transport representative. Our staff is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have an explain more about what you can expect with car shipping. We look forward to hearing from you!