Car being loaded onto truck

How To Ship A Non-Running Car

Non-running vehicles and damaged cars can be difficult to transport, as not everyone in the car shipping industry is capable of or up to the task. The shipment of these automobiles require time, energy, and special equipment. It is crucial to hire a company with knowledgeable and experienced staff.

At National Dispatch, we have the manpower and necessary equipment to transport your non-running vehicle where it needs to go. We ship automobiles anywhere in the United States. If you are considering transporting such a car, we are up for the job.

What Is Classified As A Non-Running Car?

A non-running car, also known as an inoperable vehicle, is any automobile that has a mechanical issue, needs a repair, or cannot be driven safely. The car may have become damaged because of a collision. On the other hand, it may just be a classic vehicle in need of some maintenance to bring it back to life.

The vehicle may not start. It may not even roll because of no wheels. Mechanical issues or electrical problems could have resulted from the collision. Nevertheless, there are means of transporting the automobile to its destination in a secure manner.

How To Approach Non-Running Vehicle Shipping

To properly transport the automobile, the auto transport company should be made aware of the complete condition of the car. You should disclose to the company all of the parts on the automobile that do and do not function properly. Keep these items in mind during your conversation:

  • Does the steering wheel work?
  • Do the brakes work?
  • Will the car start?

Rolling, steering, and braking are essential functions. The car needs to get on the transport truck, somehow. In a typical working vehicle, the car will be driven on and off the carrier for loading and unloading purposes. It is easy to see why the capability to roll is crucial. The driver must also be able to maneuver the car when on the carrier if necessary. Therefore, functional steering is of the utmost importance. Lastly, brakes are needed to prevent the automobile from causing damage to itself and other vehicles when positioned on the transport carrier.

If the vehicle cannot be rolled or steered onto the auto transport truck, then particular equipment may be utilized. This would include a forklift or tow truck. A winch is another useful accessory for the loading and unloading of a non-running vehicle.

Cost Of Non-Running Vehicle Transport

The cost to ship a non-running vehicle is more expensive than if you were to transport a standard working car. This is because of the equipment and manpower involved in the process. Here are a few tips to save you money:

  • Repair now or later? If the automobile does not run due to minor maintenance or repair, consider repairing now. It may cost less to repair than to pay the added fee to ship as “Non-running”. Save yourself some money. Plus, if you intend on driving the car in the future, you will want to get the problem fixed, anyway.
  • Book now. Notify the auto transport company ahead of time. You want to book services as soon as you can. They will likely ask the details of your vehicle. If you fill out an online form requesting a quote, there will be an option to select “non-running”.

National Dispatch is a leading provider in the auto transport industry. Call us today at 800-321-2051 to speak with a representative about our services. You can also use our online quote calculator to request a free car shipping quote, instantly. Be sure to check out our list of other services, as well.