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Cross Country Car Shipping Tips

You know where you are going. All that there is left to do is get you and your car to the destination. When moving or vacationing across the country, using an auto transport company is the optimal choice for many customers. It eliminates a long road trip, thus keeping added mileage to a minimum and saving you precious travel time.

To ensure that cross country car shipping goes smoothly, it is important to have a plan. Doing your homework and being knowledgeable about the auto shipping process will help you choose the best company for the job. You could even save a few bucks.

Let’s get your trip started off right. Follow these simple car shipping tips before transporting a vehicle cross country.

1. Research the company.

Like in any industry, there are a few bad apples. These would be defined as the companies that will take advantage of a customer by not offering quality services. With thousands of auto transport companies out there to choose from, it can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad, at first glance.

To ensure that you are dealing with a reputable car shipping company, read reviews, look for good ratings with the Better Business Bureau, and speak with a representative from the company. From there, you can make a decision that will set your mind at ease.

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2. Have realistic expectations.

It is important to remain realistic, because shipping a car is not the same as shipping an Amazon package. It does not happen overnight. Consider the distance the carrier must travel when booking cross country car shipping services. For this reason, you will want to remain flexible and schedule ahead of time. This will provide a little wiggle room if any delays were to affect transport.

3. Understand costs.

The cost to ship a car depends on a variety of factors, including distance, location, trailer type, and type of car. A car shipping estimate could be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more depending on how far you are going and the services that you are requesting. Here is a little more about the variables involved in the cost:

  • Distance: Obviously, shipping a vehicle coast to coast costs more than a few states away. This is due to the resources and time involved.
  • Location: Consider how easy it is to get to the pickup and delivery locations. Is it an area close to major highways or off the beaten path?
  • Trailer type: Open carriers cost less, because they are capable of hauling more vehicles at one time. If you own a classic or luxury model, you may want to invest the money into shipping on an enclosed carrier for added protection and security.
  • Type of car: In general, the smaller the car, the cheaper it will be to ship it. This means that compact cars cost less to transport than larger trucks and SUVs.

4. Conduct a price comparison.

You may want to shop around to make sure that you are getting an affordable price. That is understandable. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best option. If you will be compromising service and value, then the savings is not worth it.

Many companies offer a free car shipping quote on their website. National Dispatch’s quote calculator is instant and requires no personal information.

5. Ask about coverage.

Having good insurance coverage during auto transport is crucial to prevent any added stress. In addition, it helps if any unforeseen circumstance were to occur in which a claim needs to be filed. Car shipping companies provide adequate insurance to cover any damages. However, you may want to talk with your own auto insurance company to see what is and is not covered during the transport process.

6. Prepare for pickup.

Before the driver arrives to pickup the vehicle, you will want to prepare the car by following the proper steps. The auto transport company will let you know what needs to be done ahead of time. It is recommended that the car only have one-quarter tank of gas. Also, personal items can not be shipped inside the vehicle, so these will need to removed.

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6. Read before signing.

A good practice is to read the agreement before signing any contract. If you do not understand something, it is better to ask now than face the risk of running into hidden fees and taxes.

7. Ask about discounts.

Some auto shippers offer multi-car discounts. This would be applied when shipping more than one vehicle with the same company at the same time. Not all companies offer discounts. However, there are ways that you can save money. Think about when you need your car and what carrier you plan on using. If you do not need your car right away, then you can save a few bucks by choosing a more flexible timeframe.

8. Inspect your car.

An inspection will be completed before and after auto transport. This is to note the condition of the vehicle, which will come in handy in the case of a claim. Although the company will perform an inspection, you should also conduct one, yourself. Take pictures from various angles, capturing any dents, scratches, or chips.

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Shipping your car cross country can be a stress-free process as long as you plan and prepare in advance. Many people choose this option over a long road trip due to the savings in time, vehicle wear and tear, mileage, and even money.

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