What Are Auto Transport Services?

Auto transport companies provide auto transport services, and these companies have expertise in shipping every kind of vehicle on behalf of the vehicle owner. The main objective of a vehicle transportation company is simple. They move cars to their destination safely and within the decided timeframe. 

The Working of Vehicle Transportation

Here is the step by step process of auto transport:


First of all, receive a quote from the auto transport company by providing the below-mentioned details via an online form:

  • Vehicle Make 
  • Vehicle Model 
  • Pickup Location 
  • Delivery Location

Agreement and Contract 

After the quote, if both the parties agree on the terms, the car owner will sign a formal contract. The contract will share a mutual agreement between the company and the vehicle owner so that there will be no room for dispute after or during the service. 


On the decided pickup date, a representative from the auto shipping company will arrive to pick up the vehicle. In many cases, a contract carrier comes to pick up the car and then delivers it to the auto shipping company. 


While in transit, the vehicle owner will have the option to track the exact location of their vehicle to be sure about the date of arrival. In addition to this, the cars in transit are safe under a valid insurance policy.


Upon arrival, the vehicle owner will examine the vehicle for damage, and only after approval from the vehicle owner, the payment is made. This is where the auto transportation process is completed. 

Types of automobile transportation

Open Auto transport 

It is the most common type of automobile transportation service. In this case, the vehicles are transported through an open carrier. But be sure that your car will be safe on either the upper level or the lower level, both of which are open-air compartments. 

Enclosed Auto transport 

In this type of vehicle transport service, the vehicle is completely sealed in a trailer throughout the entire journey. Enclosed auto transport services keep your car safe from dust, debris, pollution, or climate change. 

Benefits of Automobile shipping 


Most people choose automobile shipping because they don’t have time to drive it themselves. If you are constantly bogged down with work and your daily routine is too hectic, choosing a shipping company for auto transport is the best option. 


When calculating the cost of a long-distance road trip, you will find that it will surpass the auto-transport fees.

Safe vehicle 

Riding a vehicle for thousands of miles can result in wear and tear. It reduces the resale value of the car. It also adds up to the overall maintenance cost. But by choosing a shipping company, you can keep your maintain the value of your vehicle. 

Move multiple vehicles 

By choosing vehicle transport services, you can move multiple vehicles simultaneously. That becomes more beneficial if you plan to sell or move various cars in an auction or online dealership. 

Why opt for vehicle delivery services?

  1. Less worry- You don’t have to plan for the long-distance trip as the shipping company will take care of it. 
  2. Discounts– You can always find attractive rates and deals for shipping vehicles since the auto shipping market is highly competitive. 
  3. Reduces insurance cost- Since you will not be increasing the number of miles your car has been used, you can keep the insurance cost in check. 
  4. Safe for family– Long-distance road trips are never safe for you and your family members, and thus vehicle delivery services are the best option. 

Why choose us for vehicle delivery services?

Multiple options 

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for open, enclosed, or military vehicle transport. We have it all. That is why we act as a one-stop shop for all your vehicle transport needs. 

Many years of experience 

We have been working as auto shippers for the past many years. Therefore, we know what you need when delivering vehicles to their destination within the decided time frame and safely and efficiently. 

Auto shippers by the book 

Our employees go the extra mile to ensure that all the drivers have proper knowledge about federal rules and regulations related to auto transport. They are well-equipped to deal with different types of situations. 

100% transparency 

We love to maintain 100% transparency with our customers, and therefore, we allow them to track the vehicle in transit and always keep them updated about our process. That helps us in bundling a solid bond of trust with our customers. 
Call us to learn more about our different auto shipping options at 800-321-2051 or use our online shipping calculator at https://www.nationaldispatch.com/.